Proposed Changes by Subject—National Building Code 2020

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List of Supporting Documents

National Building Code 2020 (Proposed changes to 79 provisions)


(Proposed changes to 3 provisions)

Div.B Plumbing Facilities

Div.B Lavatories and Mirrors

Div.B Ramp Slope

Accessibility, Visitability and Adaptability of Dwelling Units

(Proposed changes to 5 provisions)

Div.A Application of Objectives

Div.B 3.8. Accessibility

Div.B 3.8.1. Scope


(Proposed changes to 5 provisions)

Div.B Modeling Building Envelope of Proposed House

Div.B Modeling Building Envelope of Reference House

Div.B Determination of Airtightness Level

Div.B Energy Performance Improvement Compliance Calculations

Div.C Information Required on Drawings and Specifications

Alteration of Existing Buildings

(Proposed changes to 6 provisions)

Div.B 10.9.36.

Automatic Sprinkler System

(Proposed changes to 18 provisions)

Div.B Fire Blocks in Horizontal Concealed Spaces

Div.B Fire Blocks in Crawl Spaces

Div.B Fire Containment in Basements

Div.B Storeys below Ground

Div.B Automatic Sprinkler System Required

Div.B Group A, Division 4

Div.B Wall Exposed to Another Wall

Div.B Underground Walkway

Div.B Determination of Requirement for a Fire Alarm System

Div.B Annunciator and Zone Indication

Div.B Fire Detectors

Div.B Hose Connections

Div.B Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Div.B Combustible Sprinkler Piping

Div.B Sprinklered Service Space

Div.B Contained Use Areas

Div.B Storage Rooms

Div.B Fire Alarm System Required

Building Envelope - General

(Proposed changes to 3 provisions)

Div.B Dampproofing Materials

Div.B Vapour Barrier Materials

Div.B Continuity of Insulation

Building Fire Safety

(Proposed changes to 4 provisions)

Div.B Protection of Foamed Plastics

Div.B Foamed Plastic Insulation

Div.B Elevator Car Dimensions

Div.B Protection of Foamed Plastics

Earthquake Design

(Proposed changes to 6 provisions)

Div.B Analysis

Div.B Site Properties

Div.B Elements of Structures, Non-structural Components and Equipment

Div.B Additional Performance Requirements for Post-disaster Buildings, High Importance Category Buildings, and a Subset of Normal Importance Category Buildings

Earthquake Load and Effects

(Proposed changes to 3 provisions)

Div.B Climatic and Seismic Values

Div.B General Requirements

Appendix C

Energy Efficiency for Houses

(Proposed changes to 3 provisions)

Div.B 9.36. Energy Efficiency

Div.B Compliance

Energy Use Intensity

(Proposed changes to 1 provision)

Div.B 9.36. Energy Efficiency

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

(Proposed changes to 3 provisions)

Div.A Symbols and Other Abbreviations

Div.B 9.36. Energy Efficiency

NECB Climatic Values

(Proposed changes to 1 provision)

Div.B Climatic Data


(Proposed changes to 3 provisions)

Div.B Handrails

Div.B Materials

Appendix D

Prescriptive Trade-off Path

(Proposed changes to 7 provisions)

Div.B Energy Conservation Measures for Above-Ground Opaque Building Assemblies

Div.B Energy Conservation Measures for Opaque Building Assemblies Below-Grade or in Contact with the Ground

Div.B Energy Conservation Measures for HVAC Systems

Radon and Soil Gas Mitigation

(Proposed changes to 3 provisions)

Div.B 9.13.4. Soil Gas Control

Div.B Ground Cover in Heated Crawl Spaces

Div.B Air Barrier Systems in Floors-on-ground

Roofing, Dampproofing and Waterproofing Standards

(Proposed changes to 1 provision)

Div.B Material Standards

Service Water Heating Equipment Efficiency Table

(Proposed changes to 2 provisions)

Div.B Equipment Efficiency

Div.B Energy Conservation Measures for Service Water Heating Equipment

Spray-Applied Polyurethane Insulation

(Proposed changes to 2 provisions)

Div.B Insulation Materials

Div.B Installation of Spray-Applied Polyurethane

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