Proposed Changes by Subject—National Energy Code for Buildings 2020

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List of Supporting Documents

National Energy Code for Buildings 2020 (Proposed changes to 25 provisions)

Alteration of Existing Buildings

(Proposed changes to 14 provisions)

Div.B Application

Div.B 13.1.

Div.B 13.2.

Div.B 13.3.

Div.B 13.4.

Div.B 13.5.

Div.B 13.6.

Div.B 13.7.

Div.C Non-defined Terms

Div.C 2.2. Administration

Building Envelope - General

(Proposed changes to 3 provisions)

Div.B Protection of Insulation Materials

Div.B Thermal Characteristics of Roofs in Contact with the Ground

Div.C Documentation on the Building Envelope

Defined Terms

(Proposed changes to 1 provision)

Div.A Defined Terms

Energy Use Intensity

(Proposed changes to 2 provisions)

Div.B Prescriptive, Trade-off or Performance Compliance

Div.B 8.4. Performance Path

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

(Proposed changes to 3 provisions)

Div.A Application of Parts 1, 3 to 8 and 10

Div.A Symbols and Other Abbreviations

Div.B 11

NECB Climatic Values

(Proposed changes to 1 provision)

Div.B Climatic Data

Service Water Heating Equipment Efficiency Table

(Proposed changes to 1 provision)

Div.B Equipment Efficiency

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