Proposed Changes by Subject—National Plumbing Code 2020

National Plumbing Code 2020 (Proposed changes to 17 provisions)

Defined Terms

(Proposed changes to 2 provisions)

Div.A Defined Terms

Drainage Systems

(Proposed changes to 11 provisions)

Div.B 2.2.5. Non-Metallic Pipe and Fittings

Div.B General

Div.B Connections to Sanitary Drainage Systems

Div.B Direct Connections

Div.B 2.4.3. Location of Fixtures

Div.B Neutralizing and Dilution Tanks

Div.B 2.4.5. Traps

Div.B 2.4.6. Arrangement of Drainage Piping

Div.B 2.4.9. Size of Drainage Pipes

Div.B No Reduction in Size

Div.B Hydraulic Loads from Roofs or Paved Surfaces

Materials and Equipment

(Proposed changes to 1 provision)

Div.B 2.2.2. Fixtures


(Proposed changes to 2 provisions)

Div.B Mechanical Couplings

Div.B Support for Horizontal Piping

Water-Use Efficiency

(Proposed changes to 1 provision)

Div.B Flushing Devices

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