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NPC20 Div.A (first printing)
Defined Terms
Macerating Toilet System
This proposed change introduces a definition for “macerating toilet system" in the NPC.
This change could potentially affect the following topic areas:


The following terms may create confusion when used in the context of the National Model Codes: “toilet,” “water closet” (or “WC”), “washroom,” “rest room,” and “bathroom.” Also, these terms may appear at times to have the same meaning. Although these terms are used in common language, the intended meanings as used in the Codes may differ.

For clarity, a definition for the term “macerating toilet system” should be added to differentiate it from the term "toilet," which in the Codes should never appear alone. In the National Plumbing Code of Canada (NPC), the term “macerating toilet system” is currently not defined, which creates enforcement challenges for authorities having jurisdiction.



Defining the term “macerating toilet system” in the NPC is required to provide clarity and consistency for Code users and facilitate enforcement for authorities having jurisdiction.

This proposed change adds a definition that is consistent with industry standards, e.g., ASME A112.3.4/CSA B45.9, "Macerating Toilet Systems and Waste-Pumping Systems for Plumbing Fixtures," and the 2024 edition of the IAPMO “Uniform Plumbing Code.”


[] Terms

[1] 1)The words and terms in italics in this Code shall have the following meanings (an asterisk (*) following a defined word or term indicates that the definition for that word or term is taken from the NBC):
Macerating toilet system means a system comprised of a sump with a macerating pump and with connections for a water closet and other plumbing fixtures, which is designed to accept, grind and pump waste to a sanitary drainage system.

Impact analysis

No negative impacts are expected as a result of this proposed change as the term already appears in the NPC.

This proposed change would reduce confusion regarding the appropriate definition of macerating toilet systems.

Enforcement implications

By adding the definition, this proposed change would provide clarity and consistency for Code users and facilitate enforcement for authorities having jurisdiction.

Who is affected

Building and plumbing officials, building owners and designers of commercial buildings.

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