April 8, 2024 – Ottawa, ON The Canadian Board for Harmonized Construction Codes (CBHCC) is seeking volunteers to serve on code development committees for the 2030 code cycle. Successful applicants will help develop the 2030 editions of the National Model Codes, with work expected to kickoff in January 2025. Code development for the 2030 codes will include topics such as accessibility, climate change mitigation and adaptation, alterations to existing buildings, housing supply, harmonization, performance-based solutions, and other targeted technical topics and maintenance tasks. The CBHCC is looking to recruit volunteers who reflect Canada’s regional and ethnic diversity, have broad knowledge of the Codes, and have technical expertise and lived experience in areas that pertain to building design, construction and use. “Committee volunteers are critical to Canada’s code development process,” said Jun’ichi Jensen, Member and Co-Chair of the CBHCC. “Without the technical expertise and experience of our volunteers, this important work would not be possible. Volunteering on code development committees is a